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Hot smoking


The high-tech food processing equipment is manufactured by the well-known Foodco, one suppliers of state-of-the art production units to the international food processing industry with over 4000 references worldwide!
There is a solution for each specification and Foodco can supply it!

Hot smoking
The hot smoking plants of Foodco are the ideal solution for the drying, smoking and cooking of most kinds of meat and fish products in the temperature range from 30oC to 180oC. The Foodco hot smokehouse includes equipment for drying, smoking, cooking and optional frying and intensive cooling.

Central Air Conditioning for Uniform Treatment
Fresh air, steam and smoke are mixed and the temperature regulated in the plenum chamber before circulation. The prepared air is then blown through specially dimensioned nozzles into the food conditioning room. The central air blendning system, together with an ingenious air distribution, ensures the highest uniformity of treatment of the products, even when the plants are charged with varying loads.

Welded stainless steel
All parts in contact with air, smoke and moisture, even hidden parts, are made of stainless steel. The panels are welded using a special technique and meet the highest demands on hygiene and gas tightness-even after years of operation.