Intensive Cooling Equipment

The Intensive Cooling Plants of Foodco increase the quality of cooked and hot-smoked food products by rapid, energy saving cooling and the way down to package temperatures. Special advantages are longer shelf life for the product and practically no weight loss due to evaporation during the cooling process.

Specially developed to produce longer shelf life and higher yield on your market!
The Foodco Intensive Cooling Plants expose cooked and hot-smoked food products to an intensive air stream of low temperature while cold water atmomised to a dense mist is introduced into the airstream. The technology is based on the ancient method of evaporation cooling using exact values of air humidity and air circulation controlled by the latest in computer control systems. The resulting rapid cooling process dramatically raises the keeping values and overall quality of the products. The plants have long service life and low maintenance costs. An intelligent modular building system makes it possible to install truly tailor-made units for any local requirement.

Increased product quality and marketing value:
Elimination of weight losses due to cooling
Products with cellulose casing are produced without fatty surface deposits and are still easily peeled.
Cold cuts,e.g. cooked ham in molds, get a firmer consistency and considerably lowered cutting losses.
No need for pre-packing cold storage. Much less cooling space is required storing finished and packed products direct from Foodco Intensive Cooling Plants.
Higher and more consistent product quality compared to conventional cooling processes.