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Defrosting plant type DF 4000 or DCF 4000

Defrost system can be built according to customer need. Installation can be made in existing rooms with right
Installations can be made in manufactured panel rooms our mod DF 4000 and can be of different sizes and as a other variant be installed in normal containers our model DCF 4000.

The use of a 20 or 40 foot container rebuilt to fit into the operation al includes with cooling machinery, switchboard and ready to run.

Defrosting of Meat- and Fish products The plant is of modular design and thus available in various sizes. Products are brought into the defrosting plant. The defrosting process is automatically operated.

The plant is designed to defrost frozen fish- and meat products as individual pieces or in blocks. The process is carried out in subsequent temperature- and time stages adapted to the requirements of the respective product.


  • Air circulation

  • High-capacity axial fans are ensuring the required air circulation

  • Heating, For the purpose of heating an electrical heating battery is installed in the chamber.

  • Cooling, Vaporizers are installed in the air circulation system to control the temperature and humidity of the air. Such vaporizers may be operated with ammonia, freon or brine. The cooling equipment available on site is used.

  • Control system, The plant is controlled with a Minimat Microprocessor.

  • Control Parameters:
    Chamber Temperature C
    Core Temperature C
    Product Surface Temperature C
    All of the control system, including power pack, is installed in a cabinet

    The forced air-circulation in the cabinet is produced by two powerful axial fans placed inside the cabinet.

    The cabinet is steam and electrically heated.
    Steam is used for humidification and defrosting. Steam pressure 1 bar.
    Evaporators are built-in the cabinet together with the fans.

    The process is carried out in different temperature- and time stages adapted to the requirements of the respective product. Defrosting loss is very low due to the special process performed by the defrosting plant.