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Exhaust air cleaner

Catalytic Afterburner

The afterburner is designed for the connection to the outlet of smoking
plants in order to remove organic combined carbon compounds in the smoke. The plant is composed of a heat exchanger, electrical heatingzone and catalyser. These components are built into a stainless boxplaced on the floor besides or behind the smoking plant. The boxisstrongly insulated with ceramic fibres.

The air from the smoking plant is led through the heat exchanger for preheating and afterwards through the electrical heating zone, where it is heated to 500C. Then it is led through the catalyser in which the afterburning process takes place. The chemical reaction causes a temperature increase to 550C and 600C. Before the air leaves the plant it is cooled down in the heat exchanger.

Technical data:
Type A 150: Capacity: 500 m3/h. 36 kW.
1800 x 850 x 2500 mm.

Type A 350: Capacity: 1000 m3/h. 72 kW.
2000 x 1100 x 2500 mm.

Type A 550: Capacity: 3000 m3/h. 225 kW.
2500 x 1250 x 3000 mm.

Other types:
The afterburner can also be delivered gas heated.