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Smoke generator

Smoke Generator AFC 90, AFC 95, FSC 2000, FSS 2000

Process Description:

The Foodco Smoker, Type AFC 90 and FSC 2000, is designed for the production of smolder smoke, i.e. the wood chips are ignited electrically and the smoldering process is maintained by the continuous supply of air.
Electric ignition is only required when the pauses between the smoking phases are longer than 3 hours. The correct quantity of wood chips is fed automatically from the hoppper by means of an agitator to the smolder chamber. The actual smoldering takes place on a round grid. A so-called comb stirs in the grid, constantly removing the wood which has been burnt. The ash is collected in an ash box under the smolder zone. The smoke produced is passed through a hydrocylone to remove volatile ash and other foreign particles.

Smolder time
20 hours - continuously - depending on the screen setting

Smoke dispensing
The basic setting for smoke production is made during start-up by means of the air shutter position, and adjustments during operation by means of the smoke dampers.

Possible kinds of wood
In principle any kind of wood can be used, thus allowing for individual flavouring and colouring. Woods, such as beech or oak or - in warmer climates - quebracho or similar hard woods - are generally preferred.

Shape of the wood chips
Wood chips are of sizes comparable with peas or beans - free of bark, dust and long-fibre splinters. The wood chips must not contain any glue, paint, impregnating or any other foreign material.

Size of chips
AFC 90: 5 - 10 mm
AFC 90B: 2 - 4 mm
AFC 95: 2 - 4 mm
FSC: 4 - 8 mm

Smolder smoke Generator Type FSS 2000

Range of application
The smolder smoke generator FSS 2000 is suitable for the smoldering of coarse sawdust to fine wood chips allowing adjustable smoke density. It is designed for hot smoking and cold smoking processes.