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Handling systems

Up and down loading Stackers

Foodco can offer different kind of applications regarding handling.
Foodco building handling system for ready packed product with box lifting system and stackers.
Belt transporter together with up and down loading stackers.

Functions: Uploading system of plastic boxes.
From the packing machinery the plastic box be filled up with products - dropped or picked up from the packing machinery automatic or manual.
After loading off the box the operator push a button and the box is transported into the stacker. Operator can then place a new plastic box into loading section or it can be done automatic from a stack magazine.
The stacker lifts the box and waits for next operation step.
When xx piece (adjustable) of boxes be stacked the machine put the stack down to a trolley that been placed into the machinery manual or automatic from a trolley store magazine.
After operation the stack can be moved into a cool store.

Functions : Down loading off plastic boxes.
The ready plastic box stack is to be down loaded. The stack placed with the trolley in the down loading machinery.
The machinery lifts the whole stack and after this operation a table be tilted into the machinery. Stack is put down to the table and lifts the stack leaving one plastic box on the table. That box is pushed out to the operator that can start working with the details in the box.
New plastic box to the operator when the operator presses a button.