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Pasteurizing systems

Pasteurizing heating - cooling water

Foodco pasteurizing line is built for different products that need after treatment after finished packaging. The products can be different food stuff products that have been vacuum packed, such as sausage, ham and other similar products. Automatic loading takes place from the belt conveyor. We are responsible for the packaging machine independent of which type of packaging machine that is installed. The products are ranged and transported to the loading station. In view of the capacity that is searched the products are then transported and ranged into the pasteurizing machine. The pasteurizing machine is built of a conveyor system that transports the product in a waterbath. A pump system with heat exchanger sees to it that the product always is covered and treated by water. After finished heating the product is transported to a cooling belt with corresponding pump and heat exchanger. The product is thereafter blown off to be able to be ready for further packing.