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Washing machinery

Container Washing System
Mechanical and chemical cleaning
No manual scrubbing or prewashing needed
High efficiency, low energy and water consumption
Fully automatic process with tunnel design

Technical specifications
Capacity: 30 trolleys/h
Feeding of trolleys: Manually started
Output of trolleys: Takes place automatically
Size: The outer dimensions of the machine with the in- and out feeding arrangement are 3 x 6 m and the height is 3 m
Washing temp: 65C
Rinsing temp: 85C
Heating: Steam alternatively electricity
Electrical connection: 400 V, 25 A alt. 35 A when el heating
Water connection: 55C hot water
Water pressure: min 3 Bar max 6 Bar
Water quality: 3-10 dH
Compressed air connection: 7 Bar

The dishwater respectively the rinsing water are heated either by steam or electricity. This will be specified before delivery.

The machine is intended for the food stuff industry where container waching machines handle meat and food stuff to meat products.

Feeding and output
The operator brings the container washing machine up to the feeding side of the machine and will place it on the feeding fork. When pressing the starting button, the trolley is lifted to the fork and further to the conveying belt (feeder band) that will transport the trolley to the dish cabin. As soon as the trolley has reached the conveying chain, the openings/doors to the dish cabin are opened. The position of the trolley is felt inside the cabin, the openings are closed and the wash cycle is started.
After finished wash cycle the trolley remains in the dish space for 10 seconds in order to drip. The doors are opened automatically and the trolley is transported out into the dish room. The trolley is ridged 45o and remains in this position for 60 seconds to make it dry and cool. Thereafter the trolley is turned to a normal position with the wheels downwards by the output fork and is automatically feeded out of the machine. Thereafter the personal can transport the trolley further.

Tests of temperature and calculation of heat pressure
When rinsing the goods it is important to use high temperature of the water. This contributes to the microbiological cleaning. If there are still microorganisms on the trolleys after the washing with water, these are exposed to high temperatures and increased heat pressure. The temperature and the heat pressure are related to the speed of death of the microorganism. This means that most of the microorganisms are killed or damaged so that the bacteria growth is diminished. The trolleys are thus cleaned by the dish cycle and sanitized by the rinsing cycle.

The machine is sheltered by nets made of steel around it in order to protect the personal from getting in contact with the lifting forks.