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Trolley Washer TW41

Trolley washer with automatic door system

Foodco trolley wash, TW41, is designed for washing Foodco defrost - smoking - trolleys with different dimensions if needed.
The machine is automatic. Manual loading to range station. Automatic loading and unloading with pneumatic tracking. In and unloading is taking place from opposite sides. Washing sequences occurs with that in first step water. Separate rinse tank for this purpose which is part of the floor structure. Coarse filter before pump which can inspected and cleaned. Time for rinsing, depending on program choices.
Heated by direct steam.
Hot water to get better effect of the washing sequence. Separate tank and valve for the chemical process. Wash sequence with mixture of water and chemicals. Dosing pump with flow meter. Chemical mixture hits the trolley with flushing effect volume pressure which ensures safe results.
Washing is done with the help of a movable ramps for flushing as well as mounted ramp round the outer sides of the cart.
2 heavy circulation pumps of robust model with volume adjusted to nozzle placement and distribution, as well as to obtain a pressure that can help the cleaning rate.