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The company


The company manufactures and markets equipment and systems for the meat and fish thermal processing industry.

The Complete line
Foodco the manufacturer of high-technology smoke climate control high temperature roasting and pasteurization equipment and materials handling equipment which can be integrated in complete systems or installed as stand-alone equipment.

Foodco product range includes hot and cold smoking units, climatised ripening units for smoke or air-dried products, different types of continuous lines, intensive cooling or brine systems, various control equipment, units for roasting, baking, defrosting, steam tunnels, deep-frying, pasteurization as well as flue gas cleaners and cleaning equipment.

Foodco also markets a large number of equipment for materials handling in the meat and fish processing area.

Deliveries to different countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Polen, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Algeria, Iran, Thailand, Korea, New Zeeland, Chile, Venezuela, USA, Canada.